It was November 2020.
The US election was fast approaching.
And, not being Americans, all we could
do was sit back and watch.
And then we had an idea.

When Trump lost (and he had to lose), he
wasn’t going to go away. He was going to
continue to shout hatred and lies into an
already divided world.
His main weapon? Twitter.


Together with Megan Egan, Stu & Ben, the rest of Creature and Crew, we made #TheGreatUnfollow in support of Choose Love. A movement urging people to unfollow Trump, hitting him square in the ego, and taking the power out of his toxic tweets.

The campaign had no spend behind it, but within a matter of hours it went viral, with everyone from Caitlin Moran to Adam Kay joining the cause. 

Inspired by Trump’s press conference, we took the campaign to the physical world,

to the Four Seasons Barbers and Dry Cleaners in Whitechapel. 

The world press picked it up, too. Trump’s deflated balloon made it as far as the US, Spain, Germany and Sweden.

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designed by Ellie and Elisa.