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Made with wool from the angriest sheep, knitted with needles made from bone, distressed in a mosh pit and accessorised with the heaviest metals. Getting metal fans closer to the music they love -
all year round. Weighing in at 7 kilograms. 

Obsession knows no holiday. 

Project Name: The Heavy Metal Holiday Sweater
Client: SiriusXM
Creative Studio: Uncommon Creative Studio
Editor: Francesco Roma and Lewis Knoll
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Elena Pettiti Di Roreto
Producer: Ersan Beskardes
DOP: Krzysztof Trojnar
Post Production and VFX: Rascal
Grade: Rascal
Colourist: James Bamford
Licensed Music: Mork Gryning
Audio Post Production: Rascal
Logo Design: Lord of The Logos
Media Agency: Horizon

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